Monday, March 30, 2015

In the Manitoba Sun

...testing the waters of sitting in the northern manitoba sun, on the deck with just a light jacket, rubber boots and a cowl...

 What I should have been knitting was Tea Cozy!

Snatching a chill-pill moment! 

It is all about environment, is it not? The hand made ceramic coffee mug...or in this case my painted one...add to the mini-vaca!

I gulped the tea down before it got too cold...yup, it wasn't quite warm enough to be a tea sippn', more like a tea gulping.

Grabbing those moments - soaking in some Vit. D {or the ability to produce it} - gazing up at those glorious mysteries...{waiting for the sap to run}...

This is my project from an old Living Crafts edition...I'm a little sorrowful that I didn't test the gauge out...perhaps it'll be for me, perhaps it'll shrink enough for one of the girls. Later this week, c'mon back for my Cedarwood Oil Project!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Tim and The Glory Boys Canada Tour...

 ...This week we took our family of seven to

here in The Pas, Manitoba...
When they come to your town, if you are on the fence about going...Go!
I highly recommend it!  If you did go, tell us what you liked, in the comments below...

The place was packed - pretty good for here in The Pas, where most, if not all the churches are sparsely attended each Sunday morning. That evening, folks cozily sat or stood, amongst quaint, earthy, campfire like lighting.  I won't give away all their fun show secrets - you just gotta go and see for yourselves. 

 ...bluegrass is always refreshing to me, and it was not difficult for children in the back to kick up their heels!  To see them jumping and kicking brought me back to some of the former days when Tim Neufeld was a peer groupie for Paul the pre-internet was a youth revival in Winnipeg in the early 90's...Come to the Cross, it was called...I'll admit, some of my spiritual dna was formed there - if that makes sense.

Actually, more accurately, it was probably, the beginning of a domino effect in my life...that sent me in the path I've walked and even now am walking...yikes, twenty years later. Back then I found myself...a couple years later, in Mumbai, India, with the former, King's Commission bible institute. It was a mission trip we renamed an exposure trip! Some would like to forget the taxi drive through Kamathipura, in the heart of Mumbai. In that sweaty, dirty taxi, the air was thick and heavy, and it got heavier and it was only three o'clock in the afternoon. And the streets were framed in rows of women of all ages...young ones. I felt sick...

Later I would write one of my university papers on that experience, seeing human trafficking a few feet away from me...left an imprint that will always be there, a tattoo, a piercing in my heart...The Artist Collective is such a beautiful remedy...Y'all absolutely have to check it out!

'to bind up the brokenhearted...and release from darkness for the prisoners'...this is happening.
Music is fun...and meaningful...and here even more meaningful! Pop over to their tour dates here to see when Tim and the Glory Boys are near you!

Don't leave this great show without some of this fun!!! Bearded hats, paper dolls of the band and of course music. The 3 CD pack with the sweet vintage tape recording usb stick is really the best!

So kick up your heels, sing at the top of your lungs - I saw the Light - and share you thoughts below!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sugar Snow...Manitoba Maples

We awoke to a re-boot of Winter this morning...fresh snow fluff.

"It's a Sugar Snow", yelled one child.

"Well, not exactly", I said.

Once the sap is running and is almost finished - if we have another snow storm after that - almost like a second thaw - THAT may be a sugar snow.

It's the talk of the house after this week's events...

 Al McLauchlin, of Rocky Lake Birchworks, SO Kindly came and did a wonderful lesson with two homeschooling families, with combined children of ten, ages 10 to tiny infant.

We started indoors with a power presentation on a laptop, all eight preschool and school aged huddled in our kitchen. Adults over cups of wild harvested mint tea - by the McLauchlans.

Tapping our own trees has been a dream of mine for years.....Several years prior I had purchased a few metal spiles from a Manitoba Conservation office, to tap some trees in our old Winnipeg neighborhood...but life got in the way of that goal.

I spoke with the McLauchlan's when we first moved up here about their farm...And the unique rare Birch Syrup that they produce...exported even to Italy!

Al, generously offered an incredible lesson. Children got to tap three of our six Manitoba Maples, which are now waiting patiently for the sap to run.

 Reading Little House in the Big Woods right now, our 10 year old happily reported that she was currently in the chapter about the Sugar Snow - that was timely!

There are twenty-two other types trees that can also be tapped here!
As always, I'm fascinated with wild foods...learning about frequency in foods - maple syrup has a high frequency where as white sugar has a low frequency. Yay, for sweet - high frequency food from my yard.

 .....I'll let you know how it tastes, or you'll just have to come over for a syrup latte or crepe breakfast in a month or so! 


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ice Fishing - For a Good Night's Sleep

Nothing like fresh winter air to tucker out children.

 What amazing March weather we had this weekend - probably one of the last weekends that trucks can still go on the ice, if this melt continues.

I was a little concerned about driving the suburban on the ice with it being so warm {warm for Here}. But we are still here - so I guess it was OK!

I'm a tad jealous of the Icelandic ritual of napping babies in the winter air - I should really try that with would appease my anxiety of other 'littles' waking them with their afternoon chatter.

{Donna, baby Oliver in tow, in a wrap, inside her coat as she untangles a fishing rod.}

Our friends built a fire...of course this melts the snow all around it and under it, forming a puddle under the campfire which of course starts to snuff it they built the fire on a layer of wood, on top of the snow that was on top of the ice. We smelled smoky - but it was nice to cook supper over the fire.

What's a good ice fishing trip without Tim Horton's Coffee, we are Canadians after all.

I have yet to actually catch a fish myself...maybe one day...but I'm growing accustomed to enjoying local fish as part of our regular diet...not sure if I'm ready to clean one though!

Cheers to Some Joys of Winter...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Oils for Kidz

 This has probably been the most exciting part of our Young Living Oil journey! Oils with our children. It's so empowering for Mamas to be able to nurture their family through sickness and life's daily challenges.

I cannot take credit for these incredible recipes and beautiful bottle labels. Hop over to Coralee's place. She has put together a fantastic blog post on oils for the 'littles'.

Just look at these beauties!

{Coralee - these are going to be popping up all over Pinterest, I'm sure! }

Thanks so much Coralee for sharing this awesomeness, sweet creative Mama!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Warring Winter

 ...and the beginning of March ushers in howling winds of winter with a vengeance...

 ...being originally from Southern Ontario, when March nears, I still think Spring does too...and then I'm reminded all too soon to bundle up all the more for Manitoba winters...a balmy few February days that have come and gone, and winter digs in it's heels like it won't let go...

Even the dog doesn't want to go out some mornings.
We threw on our bed, an additional duvet for the cold nights and drafty windows and walls.
I remind you winter, that your exit is coming...I've noticed the sun rising earlier and sunny evenings already.

...Looking forward to spring, springish, summer and summerish living...gardening, {I'd say bbq-ing, but I'm married to a four seasons bbq man}, outdoor excursions and those near midnight sunsets.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Come and See...

...hop over to Tiny Peasant and to see our day in a homeschool life...

Clearly I don't have all the answers and struggle daily to keep on top of things, well maybe not even on top of things exactly...but we are flowing, and going, and thriving in this, and struggling with that...


...that's living...that's schooling...
Hop over and see Kris's Lovely Blog! She has some free and wonderful resources for the Mama whose life is surrounded in little people!



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