Friday, April 17, 2015

The Puppy...

 We said we'd never get a small dog...and we are continually learning Never to say Never. A little over a year ago, a ball of puff puppy arrived at our door, despite many efforts {A Dog Really wasn't practical in our modest cozy home; with a baby and four other young siblings} - he would not leave...

...This process went on for over a month and involved the local dog rescue...
We had watched the original Benji movie for a family movie night just a week before. Did I tell you that Irony is my middle name?
When you have your first child, you CANNOT Imagine how you could love Another as much as that first child...and the apprehension, Mama feels, pregnant with her second, can she love another as much as the first? And we are blown away how Love multiplies with each expansion of the family. You could say Something like that happened with this guy.

Life is the best school...these days I'm pondering Living out Love.
A wise man said, judge a situation by the fruit produced. Is it loving, is it patient, is it kind, or is it self-preserving and "me first" motivated? I want to weave this true love, that does not make assumptions based on my little knowledge, into all areas of life. In my relationships with my children, husband, friends and in our business as well. Living out love in business is interesting, because while other peers in business might be RACING, with that me-first mentality...I feel like it looks more like sowing seeds, even though you may not harvest them all. Someone else will harvest seed you'd sown, but you will end up harvesting seed that someone else sown.

 So today, I turn my attention to sowing, sowing into my family, investing in them, and sowing seeds into my sphere of influence. And the blessing arrives, sometimes in the most unexpected forms, like Cedar (smiling above).


Monday, April 13, 2015

Thieves Pack Giveaway!

 These just arrived - and I'm excited to give them away at the end of the month!

Will they go to You? At the end of this post there is a recipe {from Pinterest} to make your own foaming soap...but if you are short on time, Young Living carries a safe and healthy Thieves foaming soap!

When we started using Young Living oils - I didn't have high expectations - so we were blown out of the water with them as we incorporated them into our lifestyle and medicine cabinet!

If you think Essential Oil are everywhere - it may seem like that, but the truth is only a tiny bit of the population are using them, the vast majority know little to nothing about them and yet everyone can use this oil love in their lives! Here's my little poster when I'm showing folks the opportunity side our oily lifestyle. The numbers below are very low estimations and do not include signing bonuses. 

It's encouraging to me that these numbers are based on helping only 5 people into a wholesale membership, and help them do the same! When I read The Four Year Career, it empowered me. To think that even if I seemed to fail, in that it takes me many more years, than four to build this...We Are Still Better Off! New members of my team, please ask, and I'll get you a copy of The Four Year Career for free!


So in celebration of Spring, I'm giving away to one of my team members a gift pack containing: Thieves Foaming Handsoap, Thieves Toothpaste, and Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier {over $50 retail total}. If you want In on this Spring Draw, join our team! Be sure to ask me for your free copy of the Four Year Career.

Patty-Jean St Hilaire

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Simple Seder Supper

 Friday afternoon the children designed their own Seder Plates...
Passover is special to us and when some may be planning easter hunts, we planned our Seder Supper.

It's fascinating to me that Atheism is on the decrease not the rise. The more I know God, my Maker, the more I realize I know little about anything! Historically folks have paraded their faith, fought for faith and died for it as well.

Ultimately the Life question is Did We Learn to Love? Did we live, releasing Love into our spheres of influence or did we withdraw Love?

Any faith that releases devastation and chaos rather than Love, I question. 

Philosophical conversations are always fun and thoughtful. I remember sitting up late with peer professional university dance students drinking wine many years ago - and faith, life and death and eternity was the topic of discussion. I was fascinated as each took turns sharing their convictions and fantastical ideas...each different...

 I listened...and try to listen more than talk..."speaking" from experience, my mouth gets me into trouble, but listening always out wins talking...

 When they were all talked out...I said...Wow, so many different ideas about what might happen to our souls or spirits after death - So, I have a question - If you can decide the destiny of your soul, How come you can't control events today? As simple as, can you change the color of your hair (without dye)?...Everyone was completely Silent...Yikes...Did I say something wrong? I thought.

...Gasp, I heard..."Oh Patty-Jean, don't say that! You just messed my whole belief system!" - one said.
And let it be also with me! If I think I got it, I probably don't {smile}...and so we press on..."further up and further in", C.S. Lewis

The whole order of a Seder Supper, could seem long and difficult for a five children from ten to nineteen months...but there seemed to be just enough change and hands on tasks the speaker {husband, papa} gave as he read...

We really don't want to get too religious - otherwise the power is lost anyways..."holding to a form of godliness but denying it's power"...this year we followed this Haggadah from Ann Voskamp's site. I hope in future years we can be creative and develop our own version of this...

Blessings on Your Household in This Season!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Aroma Sieze Giveaway

March was our greatest giveaway so far! Aroma Sieze Young Living Oil Blend was up for grabs and it got even more exciting when the blend went out of stock mid month!

This Young Living journey for a household has been an upward adventure - and the beautiful individuals and households joining my team each month are unique, intelligent, open minded, and poised for upward adventures as well!

I shook up the ceramic goblet, and said, "close your eyes, Selah!" She dug her hand in mixing the names of current and new members who placed orders this month up...and pulled out the perfect winner!

She said after, "Mom I prayed, God would choose the winner." Yay, Congrats Katherine! How encouraging it is to see this go to someone who is already so enthusiastic about the blessing that YL is to each of us!

I really appreciated Dr. Mary Starr's post this week on the difference between Young Living oils and something from a health food store.

This week we will finalize April's giveaway draw prize which will be open until the end of the month to any of my new or currant team members who place an order either first time premium kit order Or an order through their wholesale account.

Be blessed this Passover weekend - be sure to watch for the blood moon on Saturday - the third blood moon in this half centuries Tetrad !

Monday, March 30, 2015

In the Manitoba Sun

...testing the waters of sitting in the northern manitoba sun, on the deck with just a light jacket, rubber boots and a cowl...

 What I should have been knitting was Tea Cozy!

Snatching a chill-pill moment! 

It is all about environment, is it not? The hand made ceramic coffee mug...or in this case my painted one...add to the mini-vaca!

I gulped the tea down before it got too cold...yup, it wasn't quite warm enough to be a tea sippn', more like a tea gulping.

Grabbing those moments - soaking in some Vit. D {or the ability to produce it} - gazing up at those glorious mysteries...{waiting for the sap to run}...

This is my project from an old Living Crafts edition...I'm a little sorrowful that I didn't test the gauge out...perhaps it'll be for me, perhaps it'll shrink enough for one of the girls. Later this week, c'mon back for my Cedarwood Oil Project!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Tim and The Glory Boys Canada Tour...

 ...This week we took our family of seven to

here in The Pas, Manitoba...
When they come to your town, if you are on the fence about going...Go!
I highly recommend it!  If you did go, tell us what you liked, in the comments below...

The place was packed - pretty good for here in The Pas, where most, if not all the churches are sparsely attended each Sunday morning. That evening, folks cozily sat or stood, amongst quaint, earthy, campfire like lighting.  I won't give away all their fun show secrets - you just gotta go and see for yourselves. 

 ...bluegrass is always refreshing to me, and it was not difficult for children in the back to kick up their heels!  To see them jumping and kicking brought me back to some of the former days when Tim Neufeld was a peer groupie for Paul the pre-internet was a youth revival in Winnipeg in the early 90's...Come to the Cross, it was called...I'll admit, some of my spiritual dna was formed there - if that makes sense.

Actually, more accurately, it was probably, the beginning of a domino effect in my life...that sent me in the path I've walked and even now am walking...yikes, twenty years later. Back then I found myself...a couple years later, in Mumbai, India, with the former, King's Commission bible institute. It was a mission trip we renamed an exposure trip! Some would like to forget the taxi drive through Kamathipura, in the heart of Mumbai. In that sweaty, dirty taxi, the air was thick and heavy, and it got heavier and it was only three o'clock in the afternoon. And the streets were framed in rows of women of all ages...young ones. I felt sick...

Later I would write one of my university papers on that experience, seeing human trafficking a few feet away from me...left an imprint that will always be there, a tattoo, a piercing in my heart...The Artist Collective is such a beautiful remedy...Y'all absolutely have to check it out!

'to bind up the brokenhearted...and release from darkness for the prisoners'...this is happening.
Music is fun...and meaningful...and here even more meaningful! Pop over to their tour dates here to see when Tim and the Glory Boys are near you!

Don't leave this great show without some of this fun!!! Bearded hats, paper dolls of the band and of course music. The 3 CD pack with the sweet vintage tape recording usb stick is really the best!

So kick up your heels, sing at the top of your lungs - I saw the Light - and share you thoughts below!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sugar Snow...Manitoba Maples

We awoke to a re-boot of Winter this morning...fresh snow fluff.

"It's a Sugar Snow", yelled one child.

"Well, not exactly", I said.

Once the sap is running and is almost finished - if we have another snow storm after that - almost like a second thaw - THAT may be a sugar snow.

It's the talk of the house after this week's events...

 Al McLauchlin, of Rocky Lake Birchworks, SO Kindly came and did a wonderful lesson with two homeschooling families, with combined children of ten, ages 10 to tiny infant.

We started indoors with a power presentation on a laptop, all eight preschool and school aged huddled in our kitchen. Adults over cups of wild harvested mint tea - by the McLauchlans.

Tapping our own trees has been a dream of mine for years.....Several years prior I had purchased a few metal spiles from a Manitoba Conservation office, to tap some trees in our old Winnipeg neighborhood...but life got in the way of that goal.

I spoke with the McLauchlan's when we first moved up here about their farm...And the unique rare Birch Syrup that they produce...exported even to Italy!

Al, generously offered an incredible lesson. Children got to tap three of our six Manitoba Maples, which are now waiting patiently for the sap to run.

 Reading Little House in the Big Woods right now, our 10 year old happily reported that she was currently in the chapter about the Sugar Snow - that was timely!

There are twenty-two other types trees that can also be tapped here!
As always, I'm fascinated with wild foods...learning about frequency in foods - maple syrup has a high frequency where as white sugar has a low frequency. Yay, for sweet - high frequency food from my yard.

 .....I'll let you know how it tastes, or you'll just have to come over for a syrup latte or crepe breakfast in a month or so! 



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