Thursday, May 14, 2015

Upcycled Crayons

 Love the Art...Not so much the massive bin of broken crayons...If you use muffin papers, make sure you double or triple up. The wax can seep through and get onto your pans.

I do prefer our beeswax block crayons, with their brighter colours. Although I have not had success in making beeswax crayons that really work...I am wondering if this upcylcled crayon project combined with some beeswax would work well?

This is a great way to use up that hoard of broken, peeling crayon mass...Do You Have One of Those?

If you have any other ideas or stories of upcycling crayons...please share.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ultimate Best THM Brownies

"Eeewe, mommy-muffins," one child declares...
"YES" - I think to myself - I've successfully created my own food group that children aren't going to demolish. Sometimes mommy-muffins, brownies, bread/muffin-in-a-mug {all grain-less, and refined sugar-less, THM friendly} can be a little unappetizing. {THM=Trim Healthy Mama was a small time book and I use to converse with the authors Pearl and Serene at Above Rubies Mama+Baby retreats annually...before their book went TOTALLY understatement.

Recently I wasn't very satisfied with any of the paleo-low-glycemic brownie recipes I had found...and so I went to town to discover the Ultimate Chocolaty Brownie, THM style*.  The closest brownies I could find was from Stacy Makes Cents. Lovely - but too small of a recipe...I need some freezer stalk up  so I can always have a back-up plan when needed. Plus I wanted to substitute a couple of things.

*Trim Healthy Verions are "S", Satisfy, for low glycemic (using healthy non-neuro-toxic sweeteners), low carb but Full Fat OR "E", Energize for some Carbs but Low fat.
**This recipe fits nicely into the large rectangle Pampered Chef Stoneware bake wear.

Sincerely, Patty-Jean
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Monday, May 04, 2015

One Tip for your Washer AND Your Health!

 ...From the Wife of an Appliance Repair Technician...{me}

A little while ago, my personal repair man {husband}, brought home some wet blankets. He asked if I didn't mind throwing them in the dryer. "They are clean, just used them in testing a washer I was working on. They've been washed several times."

No problem...I SHOULD have line dried them. But it was below 0 and I didn't really want frozen blankets. {Mistake #1}

Led to Mistake #2.

Fifteen minutes into the dryer running, I could not stand the fragrance, the smell of the detergent was giving me a headache, even though the dryer is ventilated to the outdoors. In the kitchen, the next room over from the laundry,  I was suffocating in artificial, headache inducing scent.

Rang up hubby quick. "I just have one request, can you please, please not use other people's laundry detergents? The toxic fragrance is giving me a killer headache".

"You know what the crazy thing is?" says my Repair Man. "I don't ever use detergent! People use so much detergent that the residue is almost permanently in their machine."

Your washer and your laundry will thank-you for putting LESS detergent in it! A little vinegar gives a little Love on (or in) your servant, the washer. If you've ever cloth diapered than you know, detergent is often the cause of stinky - falling apart diapers and the same goes for the rest of our laundry.

With skin being our largest organ, and soap residue staying on clothing, it's no wonder so many folks' healthy is compromised with those toxins being absorbed throughout the hours of the day...The quickest way for our bodies to absorb something is through inhalation - Lovely when it comes to Essential Oils - Horrendous when it come to artificial fragrance.

Alternatives?...I'd love to hear alternatives in the comments! What healthier detergents do you use other than the regular brands on store shelves?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Two Kilometer Baby Wearing Earth Walk

Massive chunks of ice on the opposite riverbank from our home remind us that the chill hasn't let go yet!

So Chilly, that the sap barely runs...this will be the first time we've tapped our trees in my adulthood - and so I don't really know what to expect...But the experience is fun anyways.

 A Mom {Marcia}  from our local Natural Living Play group, offered her home for an Earthday Walk!

 How can one not totally be romanced by nature when walking through Cedarwoods, with mossy, root winding forest floors?

Five mothers and fifteen children...lots of room to run, and some of the freshest air in the world...needless to say my littlers slept well that afternoon.

The Best Classroom...hands down, has to be the many layers of learning and learning styles met here!

 Three baby wearing Mamas trekked the trail, hauling on fronts or back babies from 4 months to 19 months for 2 Km.  When its chilly like it was this Earthday, I'm relieved to have my littlest so close for the warmth on my back.

Happy Spring {Whenever it comes here}...

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Puppy...

 We said we'd never get a small dog...and we are continually learning Never to say Never. A little over a year ago, a ball of puff puppy arrived at our door, despite many efforts {A Dog Really wasn't practical in our modest cozy home; with a baby and four other young siblings} - he would not leave...

...This process went on for over a month and involved the local dog rescue...
We had watched the original Benji movie for a family movie night just a week before. Did I tell you that Irony is my middle name?
When you have your first child, you CANNOT Imagine how you could love Another as much as that first child...and the apprehension, Mama feels, pregnant with her second, can she love another as much as the first? And we are blown away how Love multiplies with each expansion of the family. You could say Something like that happened with this guy.

Life is the best school...these days I'm pondering Living out Love.
A wise man said, judge a situation by the fruit produced. Is it loving, is it patient, is it kind, or is it self-preserving and "me first" motivated? I want to weave this true love, that does not make assumptions based on my little knowledge, into all areas of life. In my relationships with my children, husband, friends and in our business as well. Living out love in business is interesting, because while other peers in business might be RACING, with that me-first mentality...I feel like it looks more like sowing seeds, even though you may not harvest them all. Someone else will harvest seed you'd sown, but you will end up harvesting seed that someone else sown.

 So today, I turn my attention to sowing, sowing into my family, investing in them, and sowing seeds into my sphere of influence. And the blessing arrives, sometimes in the most unexpected forms, like Cedar (smiling above).