Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Come and See...

...hop over to Tiny Peasant and to see our day in a homeschool life...

Clearly I don't have all the answers and struggle daily to keep on top of things, well maybe not even on top of things exactly...but we are flowing, and going, and thriving in this, and struggling with that...


...that's living...that's schooling...
Hop over and see Kris's Lovely Blog! She has some free and wonderful resources for the Mama whose life is surrounded in little people!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Old house, inviting house...

 ...at Nana & Grampa's...

 Nana's gleaming hardwood floors...and sweet inviting corners of the house! We may live almost seven hours away from family and friends in one of the closest cities...but this is a second home for us. Poor grandparents have to put up with the noise and chaos of 10 little feet and 10 busy, messy hands every other month or so...

 ...the Whirr of the blender, a daily familiar sound in Nana's Kitchen...like mother like daughter, we are both fans of our daily smoothies. My mom's is more power packed than mine...with fresh coconut water, she takes an ax to a whole coconut, and all manner of hardy greens and exotic fruits...mine tend to have peanut butter and protein powder added to the blender of greens and berries. If we don't have a salad in a day, we will surely have a green smoothie...

 One of their spare bedrooms has been re-purposed into a mini library, sanctuary, and prayer corner. When you walk in to this home, rich essential oils fill the air with a warming inviting scent. We rested here over a few days while we experienced living a country song...YA...we lost our dog, we lost our truck - that kind of country song. Our rescue puppy still has a sense of adventure...Thanks to the Humane Society Lost Dog Hotline in Winnipeg, he was found within 2 hours. And the stolen truck has been found, we are waiting to hear of the damages...meanwhile kids were taking turns with a stomach flu....Ha, Ha, Ha...What a riot! If we can live knowing that these cloudy days, are just temporary - what seem to be set backs could actually be a spring board?! 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

...Finding Mama's Chill Pill...

I was reluctant to tip toe back into the blog world...

Amidst a sea of super-moms...{not all blogs of course}...it's intimidating and I'm no expert. Finding my way through motherhood...the forest of blessing and chaos, laying down dreams and picking up new ones...

...sometimes when it's quite...babies sleeping, older ones occupied, I slip outside {inform the 'olders' first}, and just breathe all that outdoor goodness in...and trace some of the steps of my children's last outdoor adventure...

Across our country road there is a creek-like-marsh, filled with tangles and tangles of trees and brush...it's impossible to go in there during the summer between all the new growth and water and wetness and mud. But in the winter, it's transformed into the magical "Fiss Fort"...don't ask me where that name came from...it's what's came out of THEIR mouths.

I enter...and hear the echo of their voices in my mind, of their play. I delight in them delighting in nature and good old fashioned imaginative play,  from technology....Fresh air filling lungs...that same air, my chill-pill and perspective comes...

I love life's reflections all around in nature, the tangle and mess of the woods proclaims beauty, depth and wisdom...my prayers whispered for wisdom...

...So tell me, whats your meditative{healthy} chill-pill? Coffee is an except-able answer too!

reflectively yours,

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Distributor of The Month - No Way!

 ...speechless...What an Amazing Young Living Oil family I have!  I am so blessed! This diffuser necklace came with...


Eight months ago I said, I could not see myself doing the business part of Young Living...but all of that changed when we started using these oils and I quickly felt my family needed these oils in our everyday lives...using them literally everyday...the thought came, that I could actually not afford not too...Six months ago, I was a lone wholesale member, besides my Mom, joining me...One August afternoon, this past summer I shared some oils with three ladies in my home...totally casually...no set agenda, really....today we are a little oil army of forty-five and growing.

This is not the work of cheer leader - I wasn't a cheer leader in a highschool that had a competitive squad for a reason...I am/was drawn to modern/contemporary dance because it was human, organic, and creative - unlike it's showbiz-jazzy-jazz-bunny sister dance genre...Authentic...Real...True....To be honest I had come to believe that a home business that was anything like those three words was going to have to be that of an artist, artisan or farmer's market vender selling homemade delights....But honestly the time commitment besides just surviving is noteworthy...And I came to the conclusion that creating is fun for gift giving...but for me, not fun on a large and time sensitive scale.

...wasn't really 'selfie-ready'...am I ever?
When you think of sharing something special like living oils...that are so costly, they become more of a blessing than a cost...sharing allowed us to be reimbursed for this part of our medicine/grocery budget each month....no they are not costly at all...but this is just my story!
If you haven't noticed Essential Oils have gone viral, {no pun intended on the possibility of oils being 'occasionally' anti-viral}...It won't be long before they are apart of most people's medicine cabinets...So when you've done your due diligence, researched, read about all the good, bad the ugly...read about the different Schools of Aromatherapy...and you are choosing what/who to partner up with, this is an important decision...

...Children helping with the photography...just say'n
I really am blessed to have such a great support group of professionals, chiropractors, other practitioners, and many regular mamas just like me, in my upline. One friend of mine, in a different YL organization, had had two different sponsors in two years, and still didn't know how to get a premium kit into a friend's or family's hands...this is so sad to me, and makes me realize that even though I reside literally across the continent from most of my upline...they are caring for me with these recognitions.  Thank-You Penny, Dr Mary Starr, and Kathryn!

Healing In Our Hands, With Oils is an oil resource and a place where you can connect with others on a similar journey. I'll leave you with my good friend, Donna's image below - Thanks Donna for doing these things, that I cannot! Our monthly draw...


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Morning Coffee Miracle

 ...1 blender/bullet
+ 1 heaping tblsp of coconut oil
+ 1 strong cup of coffee, some sweetener to taste {stevia/xylitol}
THIS happens...

 ...a little miracle happens in my morning coffee that makes me smile...I'm no scientist - a simple chemical reaction, I guess, or just the emulsifying of the oil {is that both?}...

Ma Belle Mere {the French have such better words for Mother In Laws - don't you think?} doesn't mind just mixing coconut oil right in her coffee. But that may not be for the faint of heart - which in this case, I am.

I don't have to tell you that coconut oil is good for you!!! It's all over the internet, books and articles. However lots of people are probably unaware of the years of conspiracy and cover-up, hiding the health benefits of this great stuff for corporate profit. Thanks to whistle blowers like the Weston A Price Foundation and Dr Mercola the word has gotten out. Fat Ain't Bad!

{homemade pumpkin seed milk bullet latte}

{Almost a year ago}

My children have said that I'm a nicer mother when I have coffee - which was a wake up call for to change my own behavior. Children reflect our attitudes...there's merit to the scripture, 'don't try to take the splinter out of someone else's eye, when there is a plank of wood in your own'...It's a daily adventure to choose to relax, and breath in the blessing and breath out the blessing. 


Monday, February 02, 2015

Learning How To Treat The Flu At Home...

 Of all the tasks learning curves of motherhood, learning How To Treat The Flu At Home is something that none of us can escape. Keeping our children safe and healthy is at the top our list of priorities.

..."I thought you had your essential oils now, how come your kids are sick?" Is a question friends have asked, with a smirk on their face...This is not snake oil, or a cure all by any means!  Oils are a wonderful addition to my tool box for learning how to treat the flu at home

But we know that nutrition rich foods play a huge part. There is a reason why there is always a horrible flu that goes around holiday-sweet-devouring-times. Sugar feeds disease. There is not doubt about that. More and more research reveals this. 

Learning how to treat the flu at home, does not have to empty our wallets either! It's so interesting when I hear someone explain how expensive Young Living oils are, and fork out over $100 in pharmeceuticals for one treatment or bout of sickness.  Human behaviour is a funny thing.Young Living Oregano is actually much much more reasonable than any Oil of Oregano in health food stores - because it's  almost impossible to find it, not diluted in olive oil. Young Living Oregano at a wholesale price and then diluted in your own olive oil is easy enough.

Over the years the amount I have spent on bulk herbs and supplements and trial and error remedies is not small. Bloggers everywhere have given the network marketing world a bad rap...and yet traditional retail is much more unethical and is also a more accurate picture of a piramid scheme (1 CEO and multitude of worker bees under them). Since

For the first time families can buy high qualitiy answers, and be reimbursed for it month after month (this is our story now, for 8 consecutive months). Families helping families...is a beautiful mosaic and journey of learning not just how to treat the flu at home, but a multitude of other simple first aid and minor and sometimes even major health issues!

 What's your favorite or go to family remedy?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who wouldn't want to know How To Make Homemade Soap From Scratch?

For a long time I did NOT want to know How To Make Homemade Soap From Scratch! From Scratch, seemed WAY too intimidating...I was ok, hacking away at different deodorant recipes, kitchen cultures like Kombucha and yogurt. But safety goggles, things blowing up, gloves, poisonous fumes...I'm no scientist.

Learning how to make homemade soap from scratch, is not simply melting and pouring...no that there is anything wrong with that...it's not truly from scratch...but let's get to it. I have never MADE lye, so I guess I too have not TRULY made homemade soap from scratch.

Let's just get the misnomer out of the way...You Can't Make Soap Without Lye! It's not a lie! If you've found a recipe without lye, then one of the ingredients is some kind of lye soap. But here's what I always wonder...who discovered lye? Water mixed with wood ash makes lye - Crazy! My kids are always stirring up some mudcake milkshakes topped with dandelions and grass decor...I can just see it now..."No Children, don't use the ashes from the fire-pit in your mud kitchen, mixing it with water will make it corrosive!!!"

I don't know, maybe I've got it wrong...perhaps I should look up how to make lye. But truth be told, lye is not very expensive. You can buy it from most hardware stores. If you truly want to learn how to make homemade soap from scratch, YouTube has an abundance of tutorials...Cold Process, Hot Process, Slow Cooker Process {CP, HP etc}.  CP was my favorite, but I finally retired my Slow Cooker from food and it is now for homemade soap only...The delicious thing about Crockpot soap, is that the lye is cooked right out. No more curing for days or weeks on end, or burning fingers...NICE for this last minute Mama!

Molds...I've made some pretty ugly soaps...however, is homemade soap from scratch ever really ugly? I don't think so. All that LOVE that's put into homemade lovelies, makes them lovely. Back to molds. You can pick up some fantastic mold-shaped cardboard boxes that hold the tomatoes and produce in many grocery store's product section, for Free. My dilemma with these is that I'm a horrible cutter...I'm too hasty, and so my lines are...eh...bleh. I've tried silicone loaf pans, but the sides tend to sag under the weight of the soap mush...

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a mold and cutter - YAY!  This will be lined with parchment paper, like I have done in the past, with cardboard boxes. My new mold will be better than my make shift molds of the past (No Harm in doing that). Thanks to the Canadian Etsy store WoodSoapMolds, for this new homestead toy!!!



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